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Rehab Exercises for Lower Back Pain to Get Rid of It Quickly and Correctly

No one wants to feel any form of pain. When we talk about physical pain, it may sometimes cause enormous inconveniences that make our everyday life harder. Some people are not capable of fulfilling the simplest activities, and it makes them burst into tears. At times, lower back pain is the reason for such situations. 

Even if you don’t have any serious symptoms, you need to be cautious and undertake the necessary measures. Even if painful sensations are light, don’t let them simply “be”. You can try various stretching exercises and other prevention measures. Patients with severe problems have to undergo a rehabilitation course. We have listed the top 5 most effective rehab exercises that can suit merely every case of lower back pain. Continue to read to learn them all and thus be armed with valuable data.

Extend Your Lower Back

A special study that took place in 2013 proved that extension of the lower back in large or small motion helps to relieve very intense pain sensations. It helps even people with serious disabilities. It’s pretty easy to follow.

You should lie completely flat on the floor. Lie on your stomach and lift your head and shoulders. It’s much safer and more convenient to use a mat because it is soft. Be sure your arms are by your sides all the time long. Do not use them to help lift your body.

Wag Your Tail

This exercise isn’t demanding. Your knees and hands should be on the floor. You will need to stand on your fours, so get in a quadruped position. The main point is to move your spine from side to side slowly. While you do this exercise, be sure your right shoulder is brought toward your right hip. After one set is done, do the same with the left shoulder and hip.


This one is common for merely all yoga classes. Your hands and knees should be on a flat floor. When you breathe out, try to round your spine as much as your body allows. When you breathe in, you need to arch your back as much as you can.

Bend Over Backwards

This exercise is pretty simple. Stand and get your arms straight up over your head. Bend backward by using only the upper body. Bend back until you feel you cannot do it anymore and steadily get back into the initial position.

Reach to the Side

This is the simplest out of all. Raise one arm over your head to bend it over. Get across the other side. Bend until it’s comfortable for you.

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