When I Win, I Will…. (MegaMillions Jackpot)

The Mega Millions Winning Ticket

Want (up to) 25% of my winnings?

I am certain I have the winning ticket. I feel like Charlie, about to open his Wonka Bar in anticipation of finding that golden ticket, but instead of a lifetime of chocolate…. I’ll take the half-billion dollars. Yes. Being the generous person I am, I promise to the world that when I win I will do the following:

  1. Donate 1 Million dollars to NICWA (The National Indian Child Welfare Association).
  2. Donate 1 Million dollars to CWLA (The Child Welfare League of America).
  3. Donate 1 Million dollars to Autism research.
  4. Donate 1 Million dollars to my son’s school.
  5. Pay off the bills of my mother and stepfather, and purchase them their dream homes in Alaska (for summer) and wherever they want to live for the winter. (Up to 500k each home), and purchase them both reliable vehicles to last them for a lifetime. Oh, and the RV…. the dream RV and boat for their travels.
  6. Create a scholarship fund with a base of $3 million dollars for students who wish to pursue a career in Social Work.
  7. Purchase the Eichler home of my dreams in Walnut Creek. (it’s going up for sale very soon).
  8. Purchase the Hawaiian beach home of my dreams in Maui.
  9. Purchase the Alaskan home of my dreams somewhere on an island in SE Alaska.
  10. Fund my startup project (it’s a secret…)And of course…  Make my son the luckiest boy in the world….. but make it required that he take active place in the social services (giving back) world to get it.

So, there you go…. WHEN I win the MegaMillions Jackpot, this is what I’ll do, Even if I only win half…. you can quote me on it.

So, what would YOU do with the winnings?

If you comment, and I do win the jackpot (or at least half of it)… I will split 25% of the winnings (after taxes) amongst the people who post a THOUGHTFUL response of what you would do.

(Comments must be posted before midnight eastern to qualify for the 25% to be split amongst those who respond)

P.S. – Did I mention I am NOT a lottery player?  It’d be like beginners luck!


P.P.S.- Um, Mr. News Man… you mean the numbers are 04 / 13 / 19 / 21/ 28 and M 20, right?  Isn’t that what you said?  2 / 4/ 23 / 38 / 46 / and M 23 you say? Seriously?  Ok, so that means that next week I’m gonna win the billion right?  Yeah.. that’s it. That’s the ticket.

Sorry, y’all tonight wasn’t the night. :)

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  • Carol

    I would donate 3 million in a trust for Evergreen School…only to be used on that staff, students, and building…reverting back to me if it ever closes. (Every year they threaten to close that amazing school).

    I would donate the money to buy a facility for barbershoppers in Salem and Eugene so they would’t have to rent places. I would also leave money in a trust to pay for utilities and insurance etc.

    I would donate money to the Alzheimer’s Associations…..and Diabetes, Cancer, and Heart Associations.

    I would publish my father’s books and booklets.

    I would make sure my daughter has a beautiful home with space for my grandson to play. I would make sure there is money in trust for his schooling…now and in the future. I would pay any outstanding debt for my daugter and her extended family.

    I would buy new homes for my step-daughter and step-son.

    I would buy a home in Alaska, so my husband could hunt and fish there and my daughter’s family could visit.

    I would make sure my brother was taken care of in his old age. hehehe (He’s only a year older than me.) :) He has many children and grandchildren and would need at least a million.

    I would buy a home and staff for my little brother to last his lifetime.

    I would buy a home in Hawaii that the whole family could all use for vacations.

    I would fund my daughter’s business ventures.

    • http://www.so-calledgeek.com rpgoldenberg

      ;) Great ideas!

  • Kendra

    My husband and I have talked for years about if we ever won enough money we would start a fund for families that can not afford the Headstone for their loved one. We have an Uncle that does not have and I have a good friend and his mother who passed away one year apart who do not have one.

    • http://www.so-calledgeek.com rpgoldenberg

      That’s a very great idea…. I had never thought of that…. I like that cause a lot!