Techy: Weird But True App


My son Z-Man loves facts. He started talking about these “Weird but True” books when he was in Kindergarten, and in 1st grade I finally saw what they were.  The books are great. They are little square books made by National Geographic that put interesting facts about life, nature, science, etc on single pages with beautiful photographs. Kids absolutely, positively EAT IT UP. My son is constantly bringing up the trivia he has learned in these books. We have one in the back seat of the car, and one in his bedroom. He also reads them at school.



How happy was I when I found that  THEY HAVE AN APP FOR THAT! Yes… an app just for the Weird but True!  Yes, there are in-app purchases, but even if you buy all of them, you’re not even out as much as you would just buying the books.  (But…seriously get the books too)








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