Happy Health-a-versary

It’s my anniversary of sorts…. One year ago right about now I was in an emergency room in New Mexico, and they were not going to let me go home. I was bleeding internally and had discovered that I had severely messed up my entire digestive system from years and years of bad habits, from an organic defect in my stomach… and from working in a high-stress work environment (and all the travel for work).

One Year of Healthy Habits

May 2012      —————->      May 2013   

When I finally convinced them to let me go home after a very very painful and horrific preventative medical procedure in the ER…. I swore that when I got home something would change….and that I would NEVER be in that situation again.

Medical interventions fixed the parts of me that were physically damaged, but the MOST important change I made was the change I made in my THINKING. I LEARNED healthy habits. I committed to myself that I wanted to live a long life and be a healthier person, whatever that took.

I picked up the phone and I called my friend, whom I had not listened to fully before. I didn’t believe it would work for me, but she believed for me. I didn’t believe anything would work, but I knew that if I could at least lose a little bit of weight that it would be something…. and more than that I knew that if I could learn how to make better choices…I’d eventually get healthier even if I didn’t believe I could lose the weight.


Telephone (Photo credit: jennalanger)

She believed for me. I didn’t fully believe in myself until I hit January 1 and had lost the first 100 lbs. It was then that I finally realized that I was getting somewhere, and more than that I realized that my life had changed forever. It wasn’t medical intervention that changed me, it was what I had learned….and the system I was supporting my health with. No surgery or medical intervention can fix a messed up thought process…. it can’t save me from my own unhealthy choices…. but….. education can. Learning HEALTHY HABITS…..THAT is what changed my life….and why I know I will never, ever be that girl again.

For the first time in my entire, 39 1/2 years of life…. I feel hopeful, truly and fully hopeful. It’s not the weight…it’s the HEALTHY mind…the ENERGY I get from making healthy choices on a daily basis…. and the knowing that I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to get on the right path…. AND that I have a coach to walk with me and help me when I need a GPS ….to “recalculate” my direction…

I’m not perfect, nobody is. Fortunately though I know better now… and I feel so blessed when people reach out to me like I did to my friend…. and even moreso to watch my dear friends joining me on this journey….with ME as their GPS.

One year later, I found my purpose. I am forever grateful to all who made it possible for me to find it. Without all of them (The Bronsons, The Millers, The Castros, The Woods, The Andersons….etc – and yes, even Stanford University Medical Center who fixed my physical body from the damage I had undergone…) I am not sure I would be here today. Of course I also thank my amazingly wonderful husband who has stood beside me this entire time…. and has pushed me to make the hard decisions when it counted… he is my rock…my heart…my soul….. (and of course thanks Mom for always being there to listen….as you always have been!)


Without all of them….I know I would still be in constant pain. I know I’d still be hopeless in thought. I know I’d still be incredibly unhappy.

Thank you for saving my life. Thank you for giving my son the mom he deserves. Thank you for giving my husband the wife HE deserves.

Zac 2010 Baseball

Happy Anniversary to me, I am so happy to be alive.


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Sometimes the world catches up with us. That’s me right now. Thing is…
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Use GMail? It’s Time To Change – Gmail Blue is Coming!

First it’s the end of You Tube….and now this. Oh boy.








Happy April!   (April Fools)

april fools 2010

april fools 2010 (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

In all seriousness…. what I do hope you do is go BLUE in April, but not for Gmail…. for the Light it up Blue campaign for Autism.  

BC Place lights it up blue for World Autism Aw...

BC Place lights it up blue for World Autism Awareness Day (Photo credit: BC Gov Photos)

Light It Up Blue

Light It Up Blue (Photo credit: plushoff)

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Thoughtful: My Autism and Me – Video from UK

Autism Awareness Ribbon

Autism Awareness Ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may think you know what Autism looks like, or maybe you’ve never been exposed to a person with Autism. Over 1% of the population is currently diagnosed, and that number is growing each year. Autism is not one specific diagnosis, but rather a “spectrum” of behaviors and/or symptoms that fit within a similar range. If you have met one person with Autism….. you have met ONE person with Autism. You can’t take one person’s experience and lay it on another, because there is so much difference across the spectrum.

The best video I have seen to date was done in the UK by a young lady named Rosie. I hope you’ll take the time to sit here and watch:


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Techy-Motivational: Buddy & Me – Kickstarter Project

I’m a big fan of Kickstarter and being able to help people make their dreams come to a reality. I’ve backed several projects, many that have become successful post-release, but none have pulled at my heart strings as much as this one in particular. I’d like to introduce you to Buddy & Me, by Sunbreak Games.

The thing that caught my attention about this project was the concept of the game itself. One of the creators mentioned how on these endless journey style games, you always seem to be playing alone. Their idea in this game is that you are not alone, you have “Buddy”, who is a magical character you interact with on your journey through endless tree houses and beautiful scenery.  The game’s creators are located in the Pacific Northwest (where I grew up), and therefore are creating a world filled with amazing natural and supernatural experiences based on the environment they exist in.  The art is beautiful, the concept is spectacular….especially when I consider how my son (who sometimes just needs a friend to play with, but has challenges in playing with real children occasionally) will see this game as a way to play  with his “Buddy”.

I’d love it if you, dear reader, would check it out….see if it pulls at your heartstrings as hard is it pulls at mine, and throw down a c-note to support this great project.

From Kickstarter:

As the boy falls asleep each night, a strange transformation takes place. A mysterious golden light appears outside, the bedroom shakes, and it feels like the entire house is being lifted upwards. Startled, he sits up and looks out the window, only to see a giant, familiar orange face looking in, with a wide-eyed friendly grin, beckoning him to come out and play. Smiling, the boy grabs his hoodie, opens the door, and steps into the light… he suddenly realizes his room is no longer in his home, but suspended high in the treetop canopy, the first of an endless series of treehouse platforms and bridges leading deep into the enchanted forest. Night after night, dream after dream, the boy returns to this enchanted place. It’s here that he meets and plays with his best friend, a magical flying creature named Buddy, a loyal companion that watches over him. Together they run, jump, glide, swing, bounce, and fly through the night, racing as far as they can before waking. 

Buddy & Me is a unique 2D platforming game about friendship, that merges the high-quality painted backgrounds and cel-shaded characters of an animated film, with the gameplay sensibilities of a highly replay-able  lighthearted childhood adventure in the woods. Buddy & Me is a game for everyone, accessible enough for anyone to pick up and try, but with depth and challenge for the big kid in all of us. We’ve designed it for the simple touch interfaces of tablet and mobile devices, starting with iPhone and iPad, and with your help hope to have the initial version wrapped up in June 2013.


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